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Pretty excited for today’s journey- Thangu valley

Way to Thangu

Hope you already know our last day’s journey,it was visiting Yumthang Valley .But today was the last day in North sikkim – we were pretty excited for todays journey to Gurudongmar Lake, though the driver had warned us that trip to Gurudongmar would be completely dependent on him, we should not argue with him, as he would try his best to take us to those desert like places, where there is no touch of civilization, no common people , except the Indian army, as the place is highly risky & too close to China- only 4-5 Km.

Last day journey was quite hectic- We discovered some heavy snow falls there in north sikkim. Due to the ultra warm rugs, we had very deep sleep, but it was not so much to resist the urge of exploring Gurudongmar Lake in this frozen weather of January. so we started our journey early in 5 AM. We were having loads of fun with selfies inside the car.

“Please pass me your shoulder!”

“Are u feeling sick? have it please dear.”

some known voice came to our ears as we were moving drowsy at the dawn. The car has already started towards its destination very early in the morning, with a bit of confusion- todays’s itinerary was not so simple- we had already heard the way towards Gurudongmar Lake was not accessible due to ultimate snowfall , more over there would be risks for life as roads were screened completely with pure snow, our great driver had no chains for his flat surfaced wheels.

The voice was from the co-passengers sitting just before us in the front seat- the new married couple- the bengali dada & boudi, they had come for this adventure trip , though the wife seemed to love contentment- she doesnot adjust with these environmental harshness & the adventure journeys. we were sleeping until I found some white snow covered mountain peaks were peeping through the far away distance. well it was not some weired scenario, because from last day we were some lucky witness of mother nature who had visited this year’s snow fall (which isnot very regular) & the beautiful Yumthang valley.

The driver had already started his playlists in his car music player, I recognized these were the same devotional songs which we were listening the last day. these drivers are generally very devotional & they believe in Gods,prayers,religions. Me & my elder bro started chitchats to keep ourselves engaged until the natural view of the atmosphere crossed the threshold limit so that we couldnot resist ourselves of taking shots. Its very obvious the guy who had a seat near window, has always upper hand in photography. so we planned to have our seats alternatively so that both of us can have some good shots (Fortunately I had the window seat).

The downhill valley

Gradually we started to climb up upper & upper . At a point we requested the driver to stop so that we can get some shots  outside of vehicle. The spot where we stopped- a higher altitude of the valley from where the surrounding seems much lower .

Bro posing

I took a panoramic view of the entire valley which isnot actually of a good quality just because my cam wasnot prepared at that time, I was entirely dependent on handset.

the paranomic view

We were slowly moving towards an ice age where the primary element only would be ice, I already began to learn the fact, the plants were gradually covered with ice. But who knows we were gradually moving towards a lifeless world !

dry plant with snow

2 Responses
  • Meenakshi
    January 16, 2016

    Beautifully written, seems like I am witnessing the scenario 🙂

      January 16, 2016

      Thank you boudi! Means a lot 🙂

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