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Telecom engineers lives-what I came into this short time

telecom engineer life

telecom engineer life

In this article, I will  mostly try to focus on Telecom Engineers lives. Software engineers & Telecom engineers are two different type of people in the Earth. you cant compare their lives, their jobs, their scopes & lifestyles obviously. I have learned so much after coming into this training under ZTE university. Telecom engineers dont have  comfortable lives. They need to do surveys in fields, drive tests, climbing towers. They cant choose their location as per as their choice always like most of people always willing to have a metro city as their location. Some rural ares without food or limited food, having a very narrow project ending date hanging on his neck.

telecom engineers training session

telecom engineers training session

Telecom engineers do not have a very common job profile in India as the industry is small, (i mean a true small industry) than anyone can imagine. A software industry (a middle sized one) isnot just a child to Telecom Industry, cause what you need to have that is experience to work in Telecom industry, you can not be a direct employee as being a fresher, what may be quite common to software industries. Look, I’m not discriminating or making some one down , I m just stating that Telecom Industry is a very uncommon profile & challenging too, as this industry is costly you need to be somewhat experienced by your own efforts. Generally the industry does not bother about you or thinking to make you trained with their expenses, what they expect from you that is you need to be patient & keen for this industry. I made a real comparison why you can never have a quality Life being in Telecom Engineers gang.

You can find some humor in this facebook page of Telecom Engineers, who dont think that they have a life being a Telecom Engineers.

Some people have a very common notion that after being a fresh graduate or college passed out you are eligible to be a part of any industry. I will say a big NO. In a current study it has been shown that 80% of the passed out engineers from India are not employable to any industry, so its highly recommended to be a part of any industry & please have an idea, a live experience how, why, in what way things are processed. Just passing a B.Tech with a painful 4years experience is not enough for you to get a job, because I Personally have felt except IIT , most of the colleges are in the curriculum where the education system is not undergone by some scientific ways.theres is some lack of practical knowledges, what they learn theoretically is not sufficient for practical learning, because practical is somewhat different than the theoretical raw topics.what we trainees here are being taught is to have a deep patience & keep the immense interest to our fields.

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