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A flashback to North sikkim

Hello all, hopefully you are all having loads of fun with this winter. In kolkata, winter is almost gone from last 3-4 days, though the Delhi people are actually enjoying sheets of SMOG. I was wondering, as the winter is almost gone, this year I didnot take any scope for a freaking freezing challenge like the last year. Well, thats really unfortunate. But I want you people to have atleast 4-5 days leave and have a trip to North sikkim, Even in February you would get much cold & ice. So I was just arranging my archive to those people who actually didnot have this fun. & seriously to say, Its really some budget friendly travel plan which you will say after the whole trip that “Yeah Its worthy!”

I have been North sikkim for two times, Once is month of June & another in in January. If by any chance you’ve missed my June’s journey, You could read this story of Journey to zero point in June.

If you are more interested in reading the arranged stories of month of January, then the list is below for you:



  • 2nd Jan: Next morning, Yumthang Valley would be your destination, no matter what age or mood u have, you’ll love this place, This place is recommended to visit during April month, as lots of unknown Himalayan flowers bloom at that period of time. Though Winter experience of Yumthang valley is very different. We got such ice pains that finally we were bound to wrap up our cameras in bag to hide our open fingers. You are about to enter zero point after crossing yumthang valley, We were enough lucky to get snowfall at that time. after this journey on the way back, you will be entering to Lachen, another village in North sikkim from where you are supposed to start your next day’s journey.


Hope you’re happy with the given informations, feel free to share your views, your experiences. 🙂

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  • Balaka Tours & Travel
    June 9, 2017

    If anybody wants to explore any thrilling tourist destination then they should visit Sikkim.

      June 11, 2017

      Yes, sikkim is a place for all sorts of tourism, relaxation

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